The magnitude of the capabilities that the Internet has radiated into our modern-day world has been boundless and powerful. The Internet is such an immense source that is accessible at the click of a button, a tap of a screen, or a voice command, that allows us admission to a myriad of information, methods of communication, and infinite opportunities for creativity. Yet, there are still gaps in accessibility that has prompted a change.

The Internet Society, a nonprofit organization, has advocated for the Internet to remain a source for those possibilities to continue to flourish, as well as allow it to be available for people around the world. ArtVersion was honored to collaborate with the Internet Society by designing their 2022 Action Plan that organized their future contributions and strategies to uphold the Internet’s growth, protection, and accessibility. The Internet Society has firmly grasped their position on promoting the evolution and use of the Internet as a resource for the greater good, and for everyone around the world.

The Internet: A Flourishing Force  

A fundamental priority of the Internet Society’s 2022 Action Plan was to ensure the growth of such a vital resource. Access to information is a privilege that not all communities around the world are able to procure. However, the Internet Society is aiming to mend the inequalities and disproportionate access to the Internet through community networks in rural, remote, and urban communities. 

Establishing these community networks in deprived areas is also strengthened by the Internet’s Society’s pledge for low costs, a developed interconnection, and a developed Internet. They have also established Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) that decrease the cost of access and propel development of local networks, and within 2022, they are committed to developing three more IXPs.

The Internet, whether for business, social, entertainment, or educational purposes, has become second nature in our everyday lives. In our modern age in which businesses require access to information lays heavily on the foundation of a digital world, the vitality of the Internet should remain in the hands of people, everywhere.  

Action Plan

Protecting the Internet 

As the Internet continues to grow as a vital staple in our society, protecting the privilege of a free resource for everyone is yet another important goal in their 2022 action plan. The Internet Society has aimed to protect the Internet from powerful parties’ policies, and within that same breath, they are striving for regulations that align with their view of the Internet—a resource of the people. Moreover, they also insist on dissecting what the term “Digital Sovereignty” implies regarding government measures that target the Internet. 

The Internet has previously slipped to-and-fro on the precipices of becoming a privatized entity riddled in regulations yet protecting it to remain an open resource with extended encryption, e-learning programs on networking, and securing global routing is one of the many solutions that branch off the plan for Internet protection. 

A Collective Effort

Ensuring the health of the Internet thrives for future generations is the core for all the advocacies and solutions the Internet Society has paved the way for. Yet, with a collective effort from people of diverse communities, the possibilities in achieving those goals become much more palpable. As an essential driver for the distribution of information, the Internet is an immensely powerful portal to knowledge. 

The Internet Society continues to empower people and communities alike, to act with the knowledge from special interest groups that communicate information and problem solve ways to strengthen and secure the Internet. Their continuous push for knowledge, as a catalyst for prompting critical community action, is to be achieved in their plan by enrolling 10,000 people of all communities in their e-learning courses.

To further grow and support their vision also requires partnerships from individuals, organizations, and corporations to source the Internet’s growth from grants and sponsorships. Not only is public support a paramount necessity but stabilizing the foundation for an impactful mission becomes strengthened with that aid from diverse groups. The support and efforts of communities to ensure a resource of the people continues to thrive, demonstrates just how vital the Internet can be.

A team observing a plan together

The Internet continues to open doors to unimaginable possibilities as it shifts and molds every day. In our modern-day climate in which the Internet has been a central resource for communication and productivity, especially in the realms of business and education practices, its existence as an open source needs to remain reliable and safe. 

For future generations across the world, a sturdy infrastructure that revolves around a safe and strong Internet is what allows all the possibilities of the digital world to prosper. For the past 30 years, the Internet Society has been a relentless advocate for these ambitions, for the greater good, everywhere. 

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