While the economy is on hold, we see innovation flourishing during the Coronavirus fight. In these unprecedented times, those that are resilient and adaptable are the ones that change the world. Companies are exploring new methods and tools that didn’t exist before. 


Talking about being adaptable, innovative, and resilient, during these unprecedented times, take a look at what our friends from New Orleans, Louisiana are doing.

With printing temporarily on hold, eighteen-year-old direct mail and commercial printer, MediaBlink retooled their production on a whim. Beginning at the time of announcement of the worldwide PPE shortage. MediaBlink started the production of high-quality face shields for wide distribution in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. By utilizing tools and equipment available and designing a unique face shield, the first set of prototypes they distributed were to those on the frontlines. Continuing with innovation and out-of-box thinking, our agency helped them design the site that is as unique as their face shield design, promoting smiles, colors and good vibes. 

In record time, we helped with branding, design and launched a new eCommerce website on the recently acquired URL FaceShield.com featuring a mobile-first design method.