When you work with something everyday, like technology, sometimes it is easy to forget that not everyone has the same knowledge as you.  We experience this daily with the web design projetcs.

Since your knowledge is not the same as everyone else you have to make sure that everything is laid out in the simplest form so that anyone can understand. This is important because there can be confusion or mix-ups from someone who does not know as much as you do and might accidentally do something they shouldn’t have done.

When it comes to naming files or sending new links to anyone who has not been working on a project you need to be clear as to what it is and what the newest version is. This is helpful when there is discussion about a design or project and then you know everyone is looking at the same thing.

If you change something like a link it will be useful to change the old link slightly to prevent confusion in the future and mixing up the new and old links. It is very important that everyone is updating the latest version otherwise what is being updated on the old version will not be applied to the current version.

[guest]Erin Lentz, is graphic/web designer at ArtVersion Interactive. She loves to write different topics about design, agency life, staying organized, technology and digital strategies.