E-commerce is heading strong to the mobile environment. Most online marketing experts agree that any business that is looking to establish itself must have a mobile website presence. The most important aspect of mobile advertising is the mobile website design that initially attracts and holds the customer through the entire sales process.

The reason that mobile site design is so important to the marketing campaign of a business is that the customer of today will not go any farther into a business if the initial campaign does not immediately attract them. Mobile site design must be that draw for customers in order to complete the sales process.

There are many tried and true formatting rules for mobile website design that you must make sure that you follow in order to maximize the efficiency of your online marketing program. A few of these axioms are listed below.

The text should be bigger than you think it should be.

You never know where your audience will be accessing your website from. They could be in a dark place or a place full of sunlight glare. In order to make sure that your message comes across no matter the weather conditions, you should make your mobile text font at least 2-3 pixels bigger than is comfortable for you.

Important Messages should be “above the fold.”

On mobile devices, people usually will pay much less attention to any information that is not on the first screen shown. Make sure that the information scrolls up and down and not left to right. Because most the people prefer to use their mobile phones in portrait mode.  For the tablet web design we use different rules of thumb as most people hold their tablets horizontally. Overall scrolling up and down is a much more intuitive operation than scrolling left to right.