10 reasons you need to update your website!

Person sits in a cafe at night on their laptop.

There are many companies sitting on the fence debating whether or not to update their website. Many companies have had damaging experiences with web developers especially in the early era of the web from 1997-2008. Many website developers were holding people’s websites hostage. Websites used to cost $20,000 to 100,000 to design. Your company is having finical difficulties. Whatever your reason is, you need to realize things have changed. Web design prices have gone down, back-ends or content management systems are easy to manage on your own and mobile is now king. Below I listed 10 reasons to update your website. But for most of you who have stumbled on this article, you know in your heart just by looking at your website that you need a website redesign. If you’ve ever seen an episode of “Restaurant Impossible” you know how much a redesign can re-energize, renew customers’ thoughts on your brand and can bring in plenty of new business. Some of the reasons below are personal to the owner and some or vital to doing business in 2012. So enjoy and please share if you’ve learned from this blog post.

1. Your website is over 5 years old.

2. You can’t view your website on your smart phone.

3. Your company staff has changed

4. Your website was built with over 50% flash

5. Your photo’s were scanned in from the early 2000’s or the 90’s

6. You have no access to your website only your web designer can update it.

7. Your not ranking well on search engines.

8. Your site has grown and grown and now its difficult to use or find content.

9. You have no social component to your website

10.  If you want to change how you manage or update your website.

11. (Bonus) If you are sick of looking at your own website or you know in your gut your website is hurting your business.