Hey Brand Builders here is a quick run down on corporate blogs.

The data, Business that blog see:

55% more visitors to their website.

97% more links to their website which is a primary factor in where your website shows up in search results. (Want a higher ranking; get quality links to your site).

434% more indexed pages – this is the number of pages that show up in search engines. Just because you have a site doesn’t guarantee it is being indexed (findable). Just because some of your pages are in search engines doesn’t mean all of your pages are.
At ArtVersion we set up corporate blogs on wordpress which is an open source platform. We link your blog to your current website URL and make sure that your corporate branding transitions to your new blog.

Creating content consistent content daily, weekly or monthly will increase your website chances of being found during a google search.

Even if you don’t have the time or resources to consistently blog each piece of content still creates valuable SEO for your company. Contact us to immediately to help your company set up its own corporate blog.