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Today I wanted to write about Letterpress Printing. The letterpress was invented by Johannes Gutenberg in the 1440s and the technology didn’t get much improvement to the industrial revolution. Letterpress printing was once the backbone of the American print media. Since the invention of digital printers and other less expensive methods, the art-form has been considered a dying art but in the last 10 years, there has been a spike in interest from people looking for a creative way to allow their printed projects to stand out.

The movement was spiked by Martha Stewart in the 1990s and brides who liked the beauty and texture created by letterpress printed invitations. Movies like 7 pounds starring Will Smith and Rosario Dawson even featured the unique process of letter pressing. It now has a solid growth in the smaller boutiques around the countries and some colleges have even started to re-open their programs.

Letterpress puts a bite into the paper it gives you a 3-dimensional quality that no other printing method can equal. People like the look of Letterpress comes from a direct imprint from a steel or lead surface. Its quality or feel crisp, tangible, deferential to classic typography with its thick and thins.

Lately, we have seen a surge in clients asking for their business cards to be created by Letterpress on thick, environmentally friendly cotton paper.  Letterpress printing feels more personal and has a little higher quality to it than a regular digital print. It gives an old-world humanized feel no matter what the project. You can get a letterpress wedding invitation, save the date, baby announcement, a custom poster, business cards and more.