The Importance of Having the Right Creative Team for Your Project

Digital design agency.

When it comes to creating a brand identity, new website design, product identity or packaging, you rely on your creative team to get the job done. For companies that do not have their own creative department, it means outsourcing to a firm with the experience and expertise to work on the project. However, it’s important to choose a team that is on the same page and is integrated with a marketing department for a quality final product.

For many companies, the go to solution is to find the biggest creative agency they can afford. They think that the bigger agency will do a better because they are more established and have the resources to adhere to the highest standards. While big agencies do have the resources, experience, and the expertise they have downsides like all agencies do.

One of the more apparent downsides is that big agencies have teams that are not integrated and need approval from managers. This can lead to projects taking longer to complete and the creative team may be slower in adapting to the changes required. For companies that require quick changes and short deadlines, it may not be the ideal choice to go with big agencies.

Small agencies on the other hand, can quickly respond to change requests and move the project forward faster. This is because there isn’t a strict or long approval process, the team typically has strong rapport from working closely together, and because the agencies allow individual team members to shine. Their team is more versatile and can adapt very quickly to any changes and problems.

Another benefit of working with smaller agencies is because the staff is well integrated. The marketing department is up to date with what the creative department is up to and vice versa. The integration leads to a final product that is congruent, transparent and connected to the vision of the client. This is very important as it eliminates a lot of the conflict that is common in creative projects.

So whether you are in need of website redesign, website development, visual branding or some other project, you can benefit greatly by going with a small agency. The creative team in small agencies will be able to meet your needs for quick turnarounds and innovation. Even if you have an internal creative department, it will be beneficial to get fresh eyes and minds to work on your creative challenges.