When it comes to the web capable platforms, the mobile web has created its own revolutions over the past five years, and seems to have no plans on stopping anytime soon. The mobile revolution took off mid way through 2007, and has provided our web visitors with another outlet to receive information faster, whenever they want and where ever they want. As we review the mobile revolution, do any of us have any doubt with the mobile web helping to grow our businesses?

The mobile web is the fast growing, strongest, web capable platform on the market today. As of late 2012, the mobile web has flown past the desktop web to become the number one most used web capable platform on the market. The mobile web currently controls over 50% of web browsing use, on the consumer end. This revolution has gone as far as adding multiple platforms that our organizations can utilize to build their mobile presence on, these platforms consist of: Mobile Applications, Dedicated Mobile Sites and Responsive Web Design. Each of these platforms will offer our organization’s an array of benefits; we just need to research which one will be the perfect fit for our corporate identity, brand and target audience.

The mobile web has also seen some negative publicity as well. Mobile site users have reported that 90% of the websites they view do not fully satisfy their needs, which is a huge problem. This problem can be related back to that many organizations just focusing on designing their site for desktop use only. This high un-satisfaction rate is part of the countless reasons why many of us may doubt the mobile web being able to help grow our businesses. We must always remember to think about our brands’ and target audiences when thinking about the mobile web. If we are able to combine these two aspects together, we will have no problem choosing the right approach for the corporate website, which will help to bring in an array of benefits, which we never thought were possible.

The mobile revolution is something that we should not be afraid of; we should embrace every aspect of it and use it to our benefit. The most important elements we must remember is to research which platform would work best for our brands’ combined with our target audiences. This will help to bring in more benefits with the mobile web than any of us ever thought were possible.