Are you trying to develop a new website, redesign your product, create a new brand, or launch an online marketing campaign? Many enterprises and business opt to do it themselves or hire a freelancer to save money on their project. However, it may be a better idea to go with a digital agency. You can avoid the frustrations and pitfalls that many business owners face with the other options.

Why go with a digital agency? First, a great agency has worked with worked with numerous clients already. They know how to be professional and strategic with your project. They’re not going to just “wing it” with your project. The agency will have done a similar project already and can will have a clear plan of action. This means that you won’t have to waste time or money when a mistake is made.

Second, working with an agency is like working with experts from all different fields. An agency will have many different talents from designers, developers, artists, marketers, etc. You are literally tapping into a “brain trust” that can steer your project in the right direction. Your project will be accessed from multiple perspectives and all aspects of it will be taken into consideration to provide you with the best possible results. You’ll be exposed to a valuable interactive experience where you’ll be bouncing ideas off the agency’s team.

Third, you will be able to tap into a wealth of resources. Agencies have access to the latest technology and can also refer you to their connections. For example, a branding agency may use an advanced tracking system to report better metrics which will help you save money on your campaign. A design firm can have connections to many tech sites and firms that can help you spread the word about your latest smartphone app. You’d be surprised by the various perks that come with working with an agency.

Fourth, the project will be results oriented. Successful creative agencies know that their clients need to see a return from their investment. Agencies will be happy to use metrics to show that their work has produced a positive ROI. Even design and interactive firms are using analytics tools to prove that their web design has resulted in improved website performance.

Finally, you’ll be able to focus on your core competency. If your core competency is in marketing, building an in-house team or managing a freelancer probably won’t be the most effective use of your time, money or resources. With a good agency, you can trust that web design project in their care. If the agency has proved their competence, you’ll be able to place the focus on what you do best and know that the agency will uphold their responsibility to deliver outstanding results.