Many companies are unaware of iPad publishing. It can be a great medium to publish newsletters, brochures and catalogs. iPad published material can be distributed privately or publicly.

You would use private iPad publishing for redistributing your corporate training materials or sale brochures to your team and salesforce, updates can be done on the fly which reduces distribution costs. The most important elements in successful iPad publishing are design, aesthetics, usability.

Publicly distributed materials can be applied for any end-user distribution and download, you can digitalize your printed brochure perhaps and distribute for a free download on iOS platforms that would allow prospects or people searching for protocol subject to find you instead of your competitor. This is an amazing new way of content marketing.

Digital publishing means that there are no printing costs, increase sales productivity by directly connecting to an online storefront, and increase sales using interactive presentations.

ArtVersion can help you publish to iOS (iPad), Android and the web. Read more about how we can help you with your iOS publishing here.