One of the most underrated and under used social media platforms for corporations, small business and personal brands is youtube. People love consuming content on youtube whether its just watching humors videos, music videos, inspirational videos youtube is an amazing source of information and entertainment.

One of the things we have been doing at ArtVersion is creating website commercials or branded videos for companies to use on their homepage. An example of a homepage commercial can be viewed here.

Its an authentic, simple an very effective way to show visitors to your website what your brand or company is all about. For personal brands it’s a great way to sell yourself to your potential clients.

Another great way to use youtube is to create daily, weekly or monthy content that helps promote your business online. People are always using youtube or google to find information and a video on youtube will always show up high on google search engines. If you are a clothing company a great way to reach an audience is to do quick little videos on new product lines, behind the scenes design process and so on.   The more content you have to consume the more opportunities you have to win over potential clients.

Be creative…I wrote in a blog a few months ago that in the future brands and marketing agencies will eventually just be smaller versions of media properties. They will be creating video, music, art and merch around a companies entire brand.  So be creative by turning your everyday routines, behind the scenes, merch or staff into video content that can engage and create a relationship or emotional value with your current and future clientele.