Branding and Consistency

Printed color hues.

Recently at the ArtVersion offices we had a client who needed help re-branding. They were looking for a new logo, color scheme, basically the works. As we were preparing their brand analysis we realized their websites branding was very different from their actual in-store branding, their social media used different branding then their website and so on. We asked them why they had everything set this way and they said “we wanted to give people different experiences.”

We explained that it’s important to give people different experience on your website, facebook, twitter and in-store but it’s important to keep you branding consistent and cohesive throughout all of your points of contact to develop strong brand identity no matter where your user experiences your brand.

Take a look at the most well known brands in the world such as McDonald’s, Coke, Pepsi they’re the masters at creating a strong brand identity. No matter where you come into contact with McDonald’s you’ll see their golden arches, they are consistent 100% of the time. Take a minute to visit their twitter, facebook and website. The first thing you see is the golden arches because that logo has the most brand value. So it’s key for your own brand to think of your logo the same as McDonald’s.

You can however have different user experiences at each point of contact because each social media outlet works differently then the other. Your website should act different then you in-store but they should all work cohesively with your marketing strategy.

So remember when it comes to your branding keep it constant.


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