2 – Main Purpose of Your Website


Your Host: Jason McCoy

Show Notes:

In this episode, we’re going to be discussing “WHY IT’S IMPORTANT TO KNOW THE MAIN PURPOSE OF YOUR WEBSITE”

In this day and age, having a website can be crucial to the survival of a company or organization.  Before the internet existed, if a person wanted to find out more about a local restaurant they would have to look up the phone number  in a phone book and then call to get all of the information that they were looking for.  Today in a matter of minutes a person can do a quick internet search, find out not only the phone number of that restaurant, but also a website.

One main purpose of a website is to build a brand.  You may be wondering what it means to build a brand.  A brand is not just a symbol.  It is meant to package emotions, experiences, and associations to a company all at once.  By using consistent sounds and images a brand is built.

When branding there are several things to keep in mind.  You should be very careful with your choice of colors.  Certain colors have been proven to stimulate different emotions and feelings.