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We are a collective of designers, strategists, and creative problem solvers

" I would enthusiastically recommend ArtVersion and also not hesitate to use them again personally. "

— William Patterson, Sr. Vice President

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We support many Fortune 500 companies and notable startups with their branding, digital and print design needs. We pride ourselves on a highly collaborative approach and problem-solving skills. We are creative strategists and visual storytellers.

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With fresh viewpoints and unbiased brand analyses, design strategies we put in place are distributed among your internal marketing efforts for cohesive digital and cross-media initiatives. The results of these creative agency engagements are maximized by having a team of creative people working toward the same goal.


Many organizations, non-profits, Fortune 500 companies and startups over the last two decades.


We Are a Creative Agency

Our core competencies are user interface and user experience design for web applications, mobile web, and native applications. We usually get involved in projects where UI/UX experts are needed to improve usability and accessibility areas of website design or application, but often we work with startups on designing the interface and user experiences in the early stages of development.

We help corporate change-makers and innovators create better brand experiences

We created this space in the heart of Chicago as a destination for brands to engage in an experience-driven, hands-on collaboration to create and explore new ideas, innovate and solve UX challenges.

We are graphic designers, creative thinkers, and visual problem solvers

There is more to design than just image creation. At ArtVersion we visually interact with your target audience to communicate your message using precise infographics, original illustrations, and sophisticated layouts that work hand-in-hand with your brand strategy. By utilizing graphic design in visual communication, we can help your company accomplish organic engagement to build a lasting relationship with your target audience.

Rated #1 Digital Design Agency in the US

Award-Winning Creative Agency

ArtVersion is an industry-leading design agency specializing in branding, web design, and user experience. Comprised of a cross-functional team of strategists, designers and developers - our work is regularly recognized by prestigious companies, organizations and researchers locally, nationally and internationally.

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Initiate the conversation, we’ll help you brainstorm ideas for your next product launch. We are creative problem solvers.

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