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We harness the power of creative problem-solving to turn design intricacies into user experiences for leading brands and organizations.

Front and back versions of business cards design.
Two flyers design of a forklift.
Three mobile UI screens on different sections of the homepage.

Awards and Accolades

IAA Award.
VEGA Digital Award.
Inc. magazine logo.
Google Mobile Excellence.
w3 Award.
The Webby Awards logo
awwwards award.
Clutch Award.


Creative Problem Solving

Web Designer collaborating with Web Developer.

At ArtVersion, our methods are rooted in a commitment to delivering impactful and resonant designs that elevate brands. One of our foundational approaches is creative problem-solving.

We believe that every challenge, no matter how intricate, can be transformed into an opportunity with the right mix of creativity and strategy.

Award Winning Creative Agency ArtVersion
By fostering a collaborative environment, our team ensures that every design solution we produce is not only innovative but also tailored to the unique needs and aspirations of our clients.

Designed for people, crafted for user experience.

Brand and UI Style Guide Design on a desktop screen.

User-centric design remains a pivotal aspect of our methodology at ArtVersion. Fully cognizant of the dynamic landscape of user behavior, we continuously weave feedback loops into our design framework. This iterative approach not only ensures our designs are attuned to genuine user needs but also champions the creation of engaging interfaces. These interfaces, whether for web, print, or digital platforms, are meticulously blended into an integrated brand strategy, ensuring a harmonious and impactful brand representation across all mediums.

Individual insight and expertise define our designers, yet their impact is significantly amplified through collaborative synergy. At ArtVersion, our collective thrives on collaboration, creativity, and group research, and those ethos shapes our work.

We Design Experiences™

For ArtVersion, 'We Design Experiences' isn't merely a trademark—it embodies the very heart of our agency's ethos. Having pioneered User Experiences as a design discipline since 1999, our evolved design thinking framework allows each team leader to integrate their distinct design philosophy and aesthetic into our endeavors. This methodology doesn't only introduce a spectrum of design viewpoints to our projects, but it also guarantees the direct participation of our senior designers in every initiative we undertake.


First, thank you all for the work you’ve done with our next generation of UI. I don’t think we’d be where we are without your ideas and the mutual design sessions.
Sarah Schonert – Caterpillar
I would enthusiastically recommend ArtVersion and also not hesitate to use them again personally.
William Patterson – Morgan Stanley
" The new site looks incredible. I am truly honored to work with you guys, the creative team behind this monumental task. "
Eli Martinez – Wescom
The ArtVersion team has a good company culture, which sets the foundation for a strong and seamless partnership.
Sara Fish – Samsonite
Grateful for the swift and amazing work that has significantly contributed to our growth in partnerships and branding across the company. Thank you for all you do!
Kimberly Kostecki - Exelon

Agency Work

At ArtVersion Creative Agency, we work hand-in-hand with business leaders to craft memorable brand experiences. A powerful visual identity cultivates authentic audience relationships by adding depth and meaning for users. Our renowned teams in web design, graphic design, development, and strategy are experts in capturing your brand’s ethos.

Every user connects with a design in their own way. That’s why we make sure our overall and graphic designs resonate with a broad audience. By skillfully weaving companies’ narratives with dynamic visuals, advanced graphics, and state-of-the-art digital designs, we transform brands to become industry differentiators.

 UI, representing User Interface, focuses on the visual components and interactive nuances of a product’s interface. UX, denoting User Experience, delves into the comprehensive user journey, guaranteeing an intuitive and rewarding experience. Our commitment to these principles guarantees that products aren’t just visually captivating but also strike a meaningful chord with users.

As a creative agency, we specialize in the pillars that make web and digital design seamless. From visual interest and usability to web accessibility and more, we design digital landscapes that intrigue users for conversions, while simultaneously ensuring that everyone, regardless of ability can interact effectively. Our core development is fluid, adaptable, and optimized.


Over two decades of experience in enterprise web development and design has uniquely positioned us to craft digital narratives that not only captivate but also drive forward-thinking strategies for organizations.  Armed with comprehensive knowledge, we transform the complex realm of contemporary web technologies, blending them with main design principles. This fusion of technology and aesthetics allows us to deploy cutting-edge digital solutions, positioning our clients at the forefront of a rapidly evolving digital world. 

We Are Award-Winning

Creative Agency

ArtVersion is an independent creative agency based in Chicago. We assist numerous Fortune 500 companies, as well as prominent startups and worldwide organizations, with their branding, digital, and print design requirements. Our hallmark is a deeply collaborative approach and adept problem-solving skills. We function as creative strategists, graphic designers and visual storytellers.

Three Vega Awards that full-service creative agency ArtVersion has won, sit on a shelf.
Artversion, a full-service creative agency team, sit for a meeting.

Creative Agency Engagement

We offer fresh perspectives and impartial brand analyses. The design strategies we establish integrate seamlessly into your internal marketing campaigns, ensuring cohesive digital and cross-media initiatives. The outcomes from these engagements with our creative agency are amplified when a united team of creative individuals pursues a singular goal.

Empowering Innovators

Design transcends mere brand image creation. It can deeply encourage innovation. At ArtVersion, we engage visually with your target demographic, conveying your message through precise infographics, unique illustrations, and cohesive layouts that align with your brand strategy. By leveraging graphic design in visual communication, we facilitate genuine engagement, fostering enduring relationships with your target users, your partners and your employees.

ArtVersion, a full-service creative agency, collaborating together at a table.