ArtVersion Becomes a WordPress VIP Partner


As a premier digital design agency renowned for expertise in UI/UX and web design—among many other services—ArtVersion has a rich history of creating experiences with WordPress. Considering that WordPress powers over 43% of all websites, its status as a prestigious and widely respected Content Management System (CMS) is well-established within the design community. The ArtVersion team has designed and developed a variety of standout websites using this platform, and now, are poised to elevate their capabilities even further through even greater design opportunities.

This month, ArtVersion officially became a WordPress VIP Partner to further create and develop engaging websites for their enterprise-level clients. The goal behind a WordPress VIP Partner is designed for organizations that provide unmatched solutions and services for those in enterprise-level businesses that are utilizing WordPress for their digital presence.

The partnership includes agencies, technology providers, and platform integrations that have been carefully selected for their expertise, performance, and contribution to the WordPress ecosystem and website development realm. WordPress VIP powers many of the notable and highly recognizable enterprise-level sites.

“For years we’ve delivered intuitive experiences to our clients with WordPress. Now, to become a part of this partnership we’re excited to continue to develop websites for those in the enterprise industry with greater capabilities and functionality,” says Goran Paun, Principle and Creative Director at ArtVersion.

WordPress VIP itself is a managed hosting platform for businesses and large-scale websites that require robust, scalable, and secure hosting solutions. Through WordPress VIP, enterprise businesses can rest assured that their platform is backed by high performance, greater security, and unique features that go beyond standard hosting environments. This includes web presence scalability that allows for greater production of web content and data optimization for continuous improvements in content performance.

Joining the WordPress VIP Partner Program marks a significant milestone for ArtVersion, as it places the digital design agency among innovation leaders and providers passionate about creating amazing user experiences. The partnership further shines a spotlight on the team’s dedication to delivering a robust and cutting-edge performance that allows their clients to grow with the world of technology.