ArtVersion Explores the Conceptual Foundation of Design Projects

When a new project falls into a creative agency’s pipeline, kicking off the design and creative aspect can teem with excitement, however, knowing the proper steps before diving in is fundamental for the overall longevity of a design. Fast Company shared a set of insights from industry leaders and stakeholders on what conceptual stage steps should be fulfilled before kicking off any project. Particularly in design, Fast Company shared 8 of the best practices, and ArtVersion was featured among the design agencies that shared their expertise.

ArtVersion shared that one of the many key items to consider before honing in on a design system is to consider a very fundamental aspect: accessibility. User-friendly user interfaces allow all users to enjoy a digital experience, and according to ArtVersion, it can create a robust digital ecosystem. ArtVersion’s Principal and Creative Director, Goran Paun, elaborates:

“When integrating design solutions in the digital space, companies should prioritize accessibility and usability. Ensure solutions are inclusive for all users, regardless of their abilities or technological proficiency. This approach broadens the appeal and contributes positively to the digital ecosystem, making it usable and accessible for every user in diverse groups.”

Design has many layers to it, thus, composing color palettes, typography selections, and overall interactivity of a design must consider how all users will interact with it. If a color story is not compliant with ADA standards, or if a typeface is too hard to read, a design may look interesting, but its functionality and overall usability are lacking. Therefore, to fulfill the proper steps of a conceptual stage, accessibility, and user-friendly standards should be optimized for an experience that checks all the boxes—visually interesting, functional, usable, and made for all to enjoy without barriers.

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