Web Accessibility

Designing and Developing Web Design Experiences That Are Inclusive to Every User, Everywhere

At ArtVersion, we envision a digital world where design transcends barriers.

Our team of designers, developers, and strategists uphold their commitment to curating experiences that are usable to all users. Accessibility and inclusively is never an afterthought—it’s always at the centerfold of what we do.

Few team members collaborate on web design project at ArtVersion agency offices.

Web Design Accessibility

At ArtVersion, our web designs are carefully crafted to ensure all users, regardless of abilities, can enjoy each digital experience we design and develop. Our team of experts, whether designers, developers, or strategists, understand the core fundamentals of what makes a web experience accessible to all users. There’s no such thing as the average user, for every user experiences a web design in their own unique way. At ArtVersion, we ensure those experiences, are as seamless as possible, for everyone.

Accessibility in Design

Design languages, UI kits, graphic design elements, and color selections—these factors all play a critical role in accessibility and ensuring that a web design is compliant with The Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA Compliant. ArtVersion’s team of graphic designers select designs that undergo rigorous ADA compliance testing to ensure that color selections are perfectly suited for web design with sufficient color contrast for individuals with visual impairments.

Innovative and amazing animations are always an exciting part of a website. Adding extra life to your website, however, doesn’t have to sacrifice accessibility standards. Our team designs immersive features, animations, and microinteractions that offer an exciting user experience without making it hard for screen readers and other assistive technology to analyze data. We like to create cool and fun opportunities for rich design elements, without considering accessibility as an afterthought.

Accessibility in Development

Through our comprehensive audit services, we’ll work with you to analyze areas to strengthen your website’s accessibility compliance and requirements. We perform audits to identify barriers that may prevent access to information and functionality, guiding improvements that make websites and applications inclusive and compliant with legal standards, Our approach is aimed to dissect, design, develop, and deliver the most optimized version of your website’s accessibility standards.

Accessibility is a huge component of our development processes at ArtVersion. Our experts develop experiences naivety—or directly on the website’s backend as opposed to plug-in software. From alt-tag implementation for screen readers to ensuring web APIs are cohesive for assistive technologies to derive information from their HTML elements, attributes, and more, ArtVersion deep dives into every design and development choice for an engaging, accessible, and usable web experience.

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Three ring binder design for financial company.
4 branded juice bottles stacked on top of each other.
Celebrating 55 years event landing page for home and build company.
Business card design for a employment solutions company.
Web page shown on tablet device.
A person types into the UI of the home page web design.
A mobile UI design featuring a man in a hoodie and the header in a blue gradient color.
An infographic visual displayed on a tablet for a timber and sustainable forestry manufacturing company.
Young child playing with wooden toys with a blue star overlain the top left corner.
A laptop screen featuring an icon of a doctor and the laptop resting on an orange background.
A website of a real estate investing company displayed on a tablet screen.
A tablet device showcasing a cover page for a digital brochure publication.
A phone laying on a wooden desk displaying a log in screen for a trading app.
A beer bottle with a logo on it of a person meditating.
A corporate logo sign on a high rise building.
Logo for capital markets company designed by ArtVersion design agency.
Smart phone on banking Changes UX screen.
A kid smiles with client logo on t-shirt.
Report cover of multiple reports for a non-profit organization.
Mobile device showing a tech website on a digital screen.
A desktop computer screen displaying an about webpage of an audit technology software solutions company.

At ArtVersion, we envision a digital world where accessible web design is a fundamental aspect of every brand’s digital architecture.

We empower leaders, brands and visionaries by creating web experiences that are as fluid and dynamic as the ever-evolving digital world. We aim to set new standards in web design, ensuring that every interaction with your brand’s website is an engaging, intuitive, and seamless journey for your audience, regardless of device or platform.