ArtVersion Lands First Place Spot in Dezzy Awards

ArtVersion Creative Agency has made a stellar start to June by securing the top spot in the design category at the 2024 Dezzy Awards. The esteemed recognition highlights ArtVersion as a leader in design innovation, celebrated for its compelling portfolio of groundbreaking projects across industries.

The Dezzy Awards is a platform that spotlights companies that are challenging the norm of design and all of its facets. The awards platform honors brilliance across various creative domains—including branding, web/app design, graphic design, animation, and architecture—and focus on agencies and companies that exceed expectations in creativity and innovation. Dezzy offers a litany of over 100 award categories for companies in the creative field to submit to, celebrating those that break the mold of innovation.

ArtVersion’s achievement in the awards spotlights their exceptional work, which excels in innovation, impact, aesthetic quality, and sustainability. The accolade fortifies ArtVersion’s status by surpassing the criteria set by the Dezzy Awards for creative innovators.

“We are beyond excited to be recognized in the design category at the Dezzy Awards. This accolade is a testament to our team’s passion and innovative spirit, driving us to create impactful and experiential designs,” says Erin Lentz, Executive Director of Design.

The team’s portfolio showcases the team’s diversity in the design sector—collaborating across industries and organizations to solidify their visual stories across digital environments.  

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