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Once the framework is a place and the web design and experience goals are accomplished.

Getting Your Audience Involved With Your Brand

Web design consists of multiple steps. Once the UI framework is done and the UX goals are accounted for, the visual design of the site begins. Many companies are now going beyond the everyday visual design. They’re not treating their websites like online business cards or catalogs. They are making their brand a significant part of the website user experience.

Traditionally, companies would use a web design firm to brand on their websites by displaying their logo in prominent placements in an effort to remind people who they’re doing business with, selling the uniqueness or benefits of their brand, or being assumptions about their brand’s superiority. But this kind of approach is very limiting and is opposite to the environment of the web today. Consumers are the driving force for what’s popular and engagement is what makes them stick around.

Visual Brand Storytelling Using Your Website

Stories have always been one of the best ways to engage customers whether it’s testimonials about how customers used a product to great success or how a product or service idea was conceived and brought into the market. To engage your audience and make a lasting impact with your brand, you need to tell a story with your website. The best example of this type of storytelling can be often seen in TV commercials and large print ads.

What You Can Learn from traditional advertising

Many large corporations that run nationwide commercials often tie in a story with their brand. They would tell a story about how a customer with a unique problem found a solution with their product or exemplify their brand by portraying a certain lifestyle. The same thing is done in print ads. A beauty company that promotes universal beauty may have images of women that are not your everyday flawless model in order try to show that every woman deserves beauty and can find it in their products. The point is that these ads tell stories and invite their audience to relate and even be a part of the story.

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Why Companies Are Telling A Story On Their Websites

Many companies have taken notice of how effective this is and apply the same approach to their websites. Rather than trying to tell how great they are, they are making their visitors part of the experience. They are engaging their audience in a way that makes them want to find out more about their brand. They are also going beyond simple design elements and making their websites tell a story. Everything from the images, audios, videos, to color schemes are used to tell a story about the brand.

The Unique Advantage of the Web

The big difference between the other mediums and the website is that you can engage your audience. You can get them to submit feedback, enter their contact information, connect with you on social media, and more. These design strategies based on brand storytelling work very well with interaction. ArtVersion is a web design firm that understands how to design your website around your brand’s story. We specialize in visual content as well as brand design/strategy so we have the experience and knowledge to make it all come together. If you’re looking to go beyond contemporary web design, contact us to find out what we can do for you.

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