ArtVersion Takes the Top Spot in Chicago Design Agency Rankings

The city of Chicago is rich with inspiration and full of creatives ready to leap in innovation. Chicago’s design agency sector reflects that creativity and outlook on innovative design. ArtVersion, a digital design agency in Chicago, was ranked first among 100 Chicago-based agencies. The Manifest placed ArtVersion at the top of the “Top 100 Design Agencies in Chicago” list for July 2023. ArtVersion’s success can be attributed to its multidisciplinary approach to design, which incorporates web design, UI/UX design, graphic design, and branding. This comprehensive approach allows the agency to create cohesive and impactful designs that effectively communicate its clients‘ messages and achieve their objectives.

Design is a process that should be specific and personalized to every individual brand, company, or organization that it is meant for. ArtVersion’s portfolio represents their dedication to fulfilling stakeholder visions with expert input and guidance along the way, allowing them to achieve such recognition. Their overall rating was based on scheduling availability, quality of work, cost, and willingness to refer to others, and within each, the team scored highly. ArtVersion, a Chicago design agency, was successfully able to achieve high marks in these criteria areas.

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About ArtVersion

ArtVersion Agency is a Chicago-based independent creative agency committed to delivering innovative web design, UX design, graphic design, branding strategy, and digital marketing solutions. With a dedicated team of experienced designers and strategists, ArtVersion guides brands through the complexities of the digital landscape, ensuring businesses of all sizes have the resources and tools to thrive in the digital world. To learn more, visit

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