In a recent report by B2B marketplace DesignRush, ArtVersion has earned a spot among the most reputable ecommerce development companies of 2021.

Expert analysts at DesignRush ranked the top ecommerce development companies that build fully functional online stores to engage and convert visitors. The report offered a glimpse into technical services that ecommerce development companies can provide for brands, as well as context on the range of powerful ecommerce systems that allow for true customization and are suitable for large-scale online retail stores. The report also underscored the trajectory of online retail sales, which are projected to reach $6 trillion by 2023 according to data from eMarketer.

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Chicago, ArtVersion has long been highly regarded as a reliable creative agency that’s established its web development expertise not just locally and nationally but also globally too. ArtVersion’s breadth of expertise in web development includes deep experience with content management system (CMS) platforms like WordPress, Drupal and Magento. ArtVersion is also well-versed in WooCommerce and Shopify. The feature by DesignRush as a high-octane ecommerce development company builds upon similar recognition received from SuperbCompanies in November 2020, where ArtVersion was hailed as the top-ranked healthcare software development company in the nation. Beyond just web and ecommerce development, ArtVersion’s full scope of capabilities also consist of web design, graphic design, UI/UX design and visual brand strategy.

DesignRush is a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies. DesignRush is a guide to finding the best professional agencies categorized by area of expertise. The online platform analyzes and ranks hundreds of agencies to help brands find top full-service agencies, web design companies, digital marketing firms and technology companies. DesignRush’s Agency Directory Listing section allows users to search for a top partner by clients, reviews, testimonials, portfolios, pricing structure and more. DesignRush was founded in 2017 and is led by digital agency expert Gianluca Ferruggia.

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