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Magento is one of the best Ecommerce platforms because of its versatile nature, that it makes a great choice for your Ecommerce web design needs.

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Magento Commerce

Robust Ecommerce Backend

Magento Commerce can be built from the ground up, be customized as you see fit, and has many extensions that are available from the community. However, it still needs to be built by an experienced developer if you are looking to build a site that fits your vision of your ideal site, and also has all the eCommerce features you’re looking for.

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The Process

The problem with using freely available templates for Magento is that they’re not optimally designed for usability, multi-browser compatibility, or SEO friendliness. You’ll still end up spending a decent amount of your budget on making customizations and developing it to meet your expectations. That’s why getting it developed from the ground up is a good idea. We’ll create a unique theme that best reflects your eCommerce business, and then move on with a clean and transparent information architecture that will improve usability. We’ll also make sure your site is fit for SEO, browser compatibility, and the ideal user experience. Finally, we’ll set up the back-office to work with all the necessary eCommerce tools such as Google Analytics, QuickBooks, various shipping solutions, and more.

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Design Process

Visual Design

The right design can make your Ecommrece store successful. Even if you have an innovative and valuable idea behind your design, it won’t take off if people have difficulty using or understanding it. A bad user interface will frustrate users and limit how your store is used. There are many areas of the interface that need to be looked at such as organization, speed, usability, and controls.

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Magento Commerce Custom Design

Do you have a Magento project? Let us develop and design the Magento store that is authentic to your brand and engaging to the audience.

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Responsive Design

We Can Help You Develop a Magento Store

ArtVersion can help you design and develop your custom Magento open-source eCommerce site. We have the expertise and experience required to create an eCommerce site that will exceed your expectations. The Magneto platform has a lot of depth in its functionality and we can do everything from utilizing coupon codes, email marketing integration, to setting up multi-language support. Throughout the years, we’ve been incredibly fortunate to work on many web design projects that involved Magneto extension integrations, installations and custom developments. We would love to help you with your next project, too!

Eye Tracking User Testing

Custom Extension Development

Extensions will give you control over how your eCommerce site runs and functions. If you can’t find the ideal extension for your eCommerce site from the community, we’ll develop a custom extension to meet your needs. We understand the importance of extensions, as they can do everything from improving your productivity to increasing sales and better serving your customers.

Responsive Magento Web Design for Online Stores

There are many benefits of setting up responsive web design for your Magento store. More Internet users are now shopping using mobile devices. To accommodate these users, responsive web design became a standard for the eCommerce websites, particularly Magento stores. Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms because of its extensive features, customization options and community support. Even with the impressive out of the box features, implementation of the responsive design is done by developing a template or skin that has responsive web design functionalities.

User Interface Design
Responsive Web Design

Let Us Develop Your Magento eCommerce Site

ArtVersion has been in the web development and web design business for more than a decade. We have a proven history of delivering customer satisfaction. If you’re looking for a custom Magento site that has all the functionalities and capabilities you’re looking for, contact us today. Our Magento design and development office is located in Chicago.

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