Fast Company Features ArtVersion’s Expertise on Content Strategy

It is a well-known fact in the digital design industry that content and copy—or the written text you see on a website, is a pivotal part of design. It carries the user forward throughout their navigation journey and guides them in the right direction. Much like visual elements intrigue the user’s eye, content can reassure your user that the information, products, or services your website offers are what they seek. Although its importance is widely known, the intricacies behind a robust content strategy and its execution are dynamic.

In this month’s Fast Company editorial, ArtVersion shared its expertise in properly executing a solid content strategy plan for any website design. The team delved into the impact of personalized content can have on a brand’s digital presence, and the development fundamentals behind every word such as search engine optimization (SEO). The team shares that finding the proper keywords is just the start of SEO optimization, but its integration is just as important, “Once these keywords are identified, they should be integrated seamlessly into various elements of your website, including titles, headers, image alt-text, meta descriptions, and the body of the content.”

Another essential aspect of a content framework includes considering your user and target audience. The messaging on your website may describe your brand but is it enough to engage your users? Delivering the tone and sticking to the landing that builds user trust and loyalty can be solidified with a user-centric approach. The article continues, “Uncovering keywords associated with your brand’s industry also offers a fresh perspective on what users are searching for to lead to your brand and its potential services. This also helps evaluate if your goals for a content refresh or strategy integration should focus on ensuring your messaging is what your users are seeking, SEO optimization for traffic growth, and conversion.”

Content is a fundamental part of a website, and without it, it is difficult to convey the full story of a brand or a site’s purpose. When paired with visual design, your website can successfully thrive.

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