Fast Company Features ArtVersion’s Insights on DEI Standards

Many industry leaders that are eager to transform their workforce and company culture have focused on DEI standards, or diversity, equity, and inclusion. To have that next amazing idea at the cusp of innovation, diversity of perspectives and ideas is essential. Not only does innovation thrive when workforces embrace DEI, but also a healthier, happier work culture. Oftentimes, finding areas to improve your work culture means taking an internal deep dive at where it stands now, and productively improving it for the better and for all with DEI at the center of transformation.

In June, the Fast Company Executive Board asked industry leaders what their best practices for curating a better work environment. According to ArtVersion’s Principle, the incorporation of design thinking principles along with an empathetic perspective that that way of thinking can bring forth internally, and externally. 


“Corporations and organizations can build a culture of adaptability among a diverse workforce by incorporating design thinking principles. This involves fostering empathy, promoting collaboration, encouraging experimentation, and embracing iterative problem-solving. By embedding these values, employees can better navigate change and generate innovative solutions for the company and its clients.”

Goran Paun, Principal & Creative Director at ArtVersion

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