Adaptive Web Design – What Is It and Should You Care About It?

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For quite some time now, responsive design has been the talk of the town. However, adaptive web design has been creeping up in conversations more and more. Adaptive design has the same purpose of responsive design which is to deliver the optimal browsing experience by serving the site for the user’s device. It differs in that adaptive design is about customizing a website to deliver the relevant viewing format whereas responsive rearranges an existing website to display the optimal viewing…

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How Responsive Web Design Changed the Web

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One of the most game-changing trends in the Internet marketing industry has been responsive web design. This web design approach builds a website so that it adapts to the platform and device that the visitor is using. For instance, a visitor using an iPhone will be presented with an iPhone optimized browsing experience. If that same visitor switches to a tablet, he will be presented with a website that’s optimized for tablets. How Responsive Websites Are Changing the Industry The rise of…

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6 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Flash Sites Like The Plague

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I’ve never liked flash websites even when they became popular from 2000-2006. They always had problems. They usually take way too long to load. They often have annoying intros that last 60 seconds on a website I want to spend less than 60 seconds. The list goes on and on. I’m always passionate when I talk with a new client who thinks they want to create their website with flash. Long story short any smart business will avoid flash like the plague. Besides my own personal bias, I’ll give you 6…

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