Brand. Market. Advertise.

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It’s no secret that the world of technology has firmed up the need for businesses to hit the ground running in branding, marketing, and advertising. Though it may seem minor, knowing the differences between these three categories is paramount to the success of said businesses. It might seem like second nature in a lot of respects; brand yourself with a message, market that message with branded visuals and language, then advertise your product with a strategy that fits the mold of the previous…

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When Design Mojo Shapes Marketing Dimension

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It’s a design world, and marketing is not only living in it but also thriving in it too. Make no mistake that human-centric design is soaring as an irreplaceable factor in the ongoing hustle of earnest brand marketing that’s meant to leave a genuinely striking impression. The synergy between design and marketing remains pronounced, while the ebbs and flows of modern commerce suggest that a tangible correlation between the two will continue to have enormous implications on tomorrow’s economic…

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