The Relationship Between User Interface and User Experience

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More and more the battle for success online is being won by those websites that understand best the relationship between user interface (UI), and user experience (UX). Many people believe that UI equals UX, and vice versa. This is not entirely true. To understand the relationship between the two, it is important to get a simple explanation of what each represents. User Interface User interface is a part of the user experience. In short, it is the way that a user works within the system…

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User Experience and User Interface Design

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Effective web app essentially employs SaaS modalities that provide applications, which are as rich and accessible. The best web apps employ integrative branding models. This is why SaaS need to have a user interface design that conforms with end user experience needs. Visually expressive UI design can make brand both instantly recognizable and memorable to the public and targeted audiences. However, they also must be intuitive in order to be effective. Design aesthetics must also include all of…

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