Maintaining a Fluid Creative Process Throughout the Lifecycle of A Project

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When living and working in such a digitally and technologically connected culture, it's way too easy to sit behind a screen and think that you are getting all the information you need to do your best work. Articles, webinars, streaming video and audio and project management tools (read: Slack, and Asana) just to name a few - all provide the connectivity and information for us to get inspired, put the puzzle pieces together and ultimately get the job done. But is it enough to produce…

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Delivering Your Best Work Through Collaboration

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When most companies need branding work, the first thing they think about is finding the right designer for the job. A great designer is definitely capable of creating a solid design but cannot do all the heavy lifting with regard to strategy and planning. Creating an award winning design or campaign is a team effort. There are many parts of developing a brand that most people aren’t aware of, especially if the goal is to create an outstanding final product. This is where the benefit of working…

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