Recently we finished a logo for our client 2nd Street Bistro, an organic direct to market restaurant located in Highland Park, IL.  It got me thinking how simple yet crucial a logo is for your brand no matter how small or large your company, business or personal brand is.

A logo is the foundation of your visual branding and the face of your business.  When creating your logo you should ask yourself 10 questions?

  1. Is it both well-planned and original? Is it different than your competitors?
  2. Will it positively assist your marketing efforts?
  3. Does it represent you company’s philosophy, background and ethics?
  4. Does it represent your company’s philosophy, background and ethics?
  5. Is it timeless in design and style?
  6. In the long-run, will it bring in revenue and a good reputation?
  7. Is the logo going to be 100% problem free in all aspects of implementation?
  8. Is it going to be designed in appropriate graphic formats and by today’s graphic standards?
  9. Does the logo/corp id development company understand the US market?
  10. Is the company you have selected to design and develop you logo and/or corporate identity knowledgeable and experienced to execute the project without wasting your time?

After you have answered these 10 questions you should have a good understanding of where your company stands as to your current logo and diagnose if you need to move forwad with a logo Re-Design!

I hope this information receives you well and happy branding!


Kip Russell – ArtVersion!


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