Regardless of experience or skill level, every designer will inevitably face stuck points in their work. While creative blocks can be incredibly frustrating and disheartening, they can actually help you grow and become a better designer.

There are several strategies that can help you overcome creative blocks. These tips can help get your creative juices flowing again so you can get back on track to success.

1. Back to Basics

In today’s digital age, designers are often stuck in front of a computer screen for hours on end. In moments of creative blocks, it can be helpful to get away from the screen altogether and go back to your artistic roots. Try picking up a pencil and pad of paper to sketch out ideas, or get a notebook to jot down some thoughts. Brainstorm through writing, drawing, painting, or whatever outlet you choose. You might be surprised by what ideas come to mind when you create with your hands.

2. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Sometimes we get comfortable working in the same routine, designing in the same ways over and over again. While establishing a routine can be helpful in overcoming procrastination habits, you may also find you get stuck in a rut. If this happens, it’s good to look for new sources of inspiration. Try taking a few risks and designing in a different way. Above all, don’t be afraid to fail.

3. Stay Active

Sitting at work all day is not only bad for our bodies, it’s bad for our creativity! Get up and walk around, do some jumping jacks, or just get moving. This activity spaced throughout the day can help awaken our brains and fuel our creativity.

4. Walk Away

There are times when we just need to take a moment and walk away. That is not to say we give up, we just need to take some time away from our frustrations and look at something else. That way we can come back to our work later with fresh eyes. Often, this allows us to see what we couldn’t see before and come up with new solutions.

5. Take Care of Yourself

To be successful in anything, we need to take care of ourselves. And in order to be creative, we especially need to make sure our bodies and minds are properly fueled and rested. So if you’re feeling stuck creatively, try evaluating your life outside of your work. Have you been getting enough sleep? Are you feeling overwhelmed or stressed? How have you been eating? With your body and mind healthy and happy, you’ll find that your creativity flows more easily.

Whenever you face a creative block, it’s best to keep trying different techniques until you are able to move forward. Every designer is unique, so certain strategies may be more beneficial for you than others. These are certainly not the only approaches available for overcoming hurdles in creativity, so find what works best for you.