Your brand is no longer a stationary element in a static market place. Companies must evolve faster than ever, delving deep into their culture and vision and seeing who they really are as an organization.

Every market goes through changes and transitions – if companies want to remain afloat and swim ahead of the current, they must ensure that their brand is keeping up with the (often escalated) pace. Organizations that have been in the industry for years can derive enormous benefit from a brand refresh and re-organizing process. Often regarded as daunting, the process is actually interesting and fun while allowing your company and its employees to re-evaluate their image and gain a competitive edge. Some aspects of your brand that needed tweaking are now brought into light and can be successfully and efficiently changed!

Do not be apprehensive about the brand refresh process – it is crucial to the continued success of your company. Having a dedicated and creative team assisting you through the transition is one of the most important elements to enable true accomplishment. Some of the biggest names in every industry and market have gone through a re-branding process in order to keep up with others in the field, thus preserving their share of the market (and retaining their clients). Unfortunately, some companies were a bit lax in their rebranding and fell behind, suffering financial and customer loyalty consequences.

Design agencies will make the adapting process smoother for you. In this rapidly evolving technological world, brands that are noticed within the web and mobile world are ones that appeal to a wide variety of audiences, keeping both a modern and strong visual brand identity. Companies that look like they have stagnated in the 1990s will need to experience a change – brighter colors, smoother lines, minimalism and accessibility, as well as looking at your company logo and graphics, color palette and typography. Your brand, while remaining consistent across all platforms, will stand out and bring out your unique mission and voice. Authenticity will resonate along every level of your brand.

While the image and logo is crucial, do not forget – tell a story with your brand. By using visual storytelling, you are bringing your organization to life, making it approachable and warm while maintaining the professionalism that your customers count on. It is the best way to ensure that your message is relatable and clear to viewers; when individuals understand that they can trust your brand, they will refer you to others and thereby increase your customer base. The most effective way to implement this is to create a visual story, creating intrigue and evoking emotions (the truest connection someone can have to your brand).

Your brand should distinguish you from others within your industry, so that you are viewed as being relevant and beneficial as a service. Make slight revisions to your existing brand while preserving your brand’s living appeal and credibility. However, don’t change your brand just because others are revising theirs, or simply because you have grown tired of your logo. If you do decide to make that transition, incorporate your company’s vision and identity within that change.

Whether you feel like your brand isn’t suited for the current atmosphere, needs to be updated with your repositioning strategy, or simply isn’t as effective as it can be, we can help. Our experience in both traditional and new media gives us the necessary insight and experience to come up with a brand image that engages your audience and reflects the goals of your company.