Brands Becoming Media Properties

Person with red hair and grey sweater sits in a cafe, with their laptop.

In the last decade we’ve seen a tremendous surge in technology. Our phones now act as video cameras, digital cameras, laptops, music players and gaming systems. Creating media has become cheaper and cheaper over the years. Editing, music, videos, professional photography can all be done by purchasing a few thousand dollars worth of gear. Hobbyists have become nationally recognized artists and more.  The point I’m trying to make is that most companies should be hiring professionals in the music, video and photography industry to spearhead their own media enterprises. Keeping your audience’s attention is harder than ever, for the simple fact that there is an infinite amount of entertainment available on the web. Brands should be acting like music labels, video production companies and more because having these associations will keep your brand name in multiple conversations moving into the future. That doesn’t mean PepsiCo should be competing against ABC or Interscope Records, but it should have a presence in the competitive marketplace, and create content in appropriate environments to extend brand visibility.