Today in the ArtVersion office we had a client say “I read in an article that if I tweet about my product and post on facebook I’ll be fine.”  Our client is a social media Novice and starting a new company based on selling products online.  It’s IMPORTANT that all business small and large realize that social media marketing is not the SAVIOR for your business.  I’ve had numerous clients with false expectations for what social media will do for their company. It’s not their fault it’s the result of 2 years of being blasted in the face with to much hype by the media.  Social media is a game changer in many aspects. It’s over throwing governments around the world and helping people start business for less capital than ever but for the majority of us social media is another tool to add to our overall business and marketing strategies. There are no short cuts in developing a strong brand, great customer services, great word of mouth and having a strong PR campaign to get exposure. Consult a company before you dive into the social media space so you can understand and get an idea of what to expect when you starting engaging on these platforms.