Social Media & Website Integration

Illustration of a person browsing on their phone.

Social Media & Website Integration

Websites are a crucial part of a business’s overall marketing strategy.  For some companies it’s their store front, sales or marketing platform and more. Websites need to be simple, functional, smart and creative to hold a viewers attention long enough to accomplish your companies mission.  However like a billboard, yelp add, google places or a magazine ad, website’s for the most part a PUSH marketing device. They are mostly one way communication with your potential clients and customers.

That’s why it’s crucial to have simple links to your social media sites as well as multiple ways for people to use like buttons (facebook), follow buttons (twitter), plus ones for google plus, linkedin shares, etc.  Happy customers are you best source for word of mouth and advocates of your brand. Make it easy for them to share your content with their friends on the web.  Integrate  sharing into your business deals and negotiations.  Have in your contracts that any company you work with needs to broadcast on their social media sites that they are currently working with you. This leads to further awareness of your brand and cost nothing for your clients.  Get creative and use these platform to generate a flurry of word of mouth for you company.

Having call to actions and multiple ways for people to share your content is vital moving into 2012 and beyond.

Kip Russell – ArtVersion