When most companies start thinking about changing or updating their brand, the focus automatically goes to the marketing aspect of the brand. The discussion talks about changing the image of the brand, the message of the brand, and how it will be represented in the media. However, you need to focus on the public “face” of your brand, which is its visual representation. This is where a creative agency like us comes in. We work on all aspects of the visual presentation from the logo, content, and other related graphics to revamp your brand.

For example, we have helped many companies revamp their logo to best reflect their target market. We focus on creating a logo that best represents the unique message of the company. The goal is also to help the company connect with their target market by conveying value, uniqueness, and transparency.

Of course, it doesn’t stop with the logo. We also work on corporate identity, visual content, and design elements for advertising and marketing campaigns. In order to make impactful changes to your brand, it is imperative that employees actually “see” the image or message the company is setting out for. It is also essential to visually represent the brand in every piece of communication you make with your prospects and customers.

It’s important to understand the distinctions between different types of agencies. A creative agency focuses on the design aspect of the project. An ad agency works on creating the actual marketing campaign and idea. And an interactive agency focuses on online media campaigns while also offering some design services. Each type of agency specializes in a different area, so it’s best to go with the agency that excels in what you are looking for.

While there are many design firms, we approach design a little differently from the rest of the industry. We don’t look at design for design’s sake. We pay a lot of attention on functionality, usability and accessibility for both web and print projects. This translates to improved audience engagement as well as higher sales/conversions for both online and offline campaigns.

We are also different in that ArtVersion consists of a small yet effective team. We believe that having a tight knit group translates to a focused way of working on projects. Unlike many big agencies, we are not disjointed. Our whole team has strong communication and is able to stay organized, so you can expect high productivity and less time wasted. We believe that this is a breath of fresh air, especially to many of our clients who believed delays and problems were the norm (until they worked with us).

So are you ready to revamp your brand’s visual representation? Contact us today to learn how we can help you.