Web site design is the most important step for many companies to increase sales, reach a larger customer base and cater to their customers more efficiently. Many of our clients come with very different business needs and customer base. Choosing the correct Content Management System to deliver their website is crucial for successful site launch and satisfied clients of course. Joomla and WordPress are among the most common CMS systems we use at ArtVersion to develop our client websites. The question then is which CMS should we use for which client?

The most common difference is that Joomla is a portal or community type site while WordPress is a blog. Both have several overlapping areas and can be extended beyond their original purpose thanks to the use of plugins. If you want to create a community or a network with a membership area, newsroom, forums, articles, input from external authors etc… then Joomla is a good choice because it is made to be that way.

WordPress on the other hand is basically a very user-friendly blog system that can also be used as a regular site. You can create pages and posts, and with plugins, you can add a lot of functionality included standard in Joomla.

Since most of the sites we develop at ArtVersion for clients are to help them increase sales and reach out to a larger customer base, SEO Search Engine Optimization plays a key role in this. This feature is prominent in WordPress it is set up very quickly and you can be listed in Google within 2 days. A normal site takes up to 2 months to get listed in Google, so this is something to take into account.

The other factor that plays into which CMS system we use to develop a site also depends on the design and functionality of the site as a whole. Joomla and WordPress two systems quite a like but different at the core both equally good but slightly different one a portal, the other a blog, what do you want your site to be?