Nice, warm and friendly font

Font Design letters on a black background.

Among the recently released sans-serif typefaces, Brevia takes a special place. While most new fonts in its genre are cool, clean and minimalist, Brevia is warm, friendly and casual. Designer Hannes von Döhren made sure that Brevia, despite its soft shapes, performs very well as a text face. Thanks to the large x-height and its rather wide and open italics, Brevia remains perfectly readable even in very small text settings. Brevia’s heavier weights are slightly more curved and have an eye-catching appearance. They reveal their striking character in bigger sizes, making them the ideal display companions to the text weights. Brevia is equipped for highly professional use: the OpenType fonts have an extended character set to support Central and Eastern European as well as Western European languages. Each font includes small caps, a wide array of numerals and a set of arrows.