The 2012 calendar is winding down, and coming to an end very soon. As we look into the future, there are already quite a few new innovative advancement in the web world, which we should be utilizing to prevent our organizations’ from falling behind, not only in our online strategies, but with business all together. After reviewing your online presence, have you neglected to implement the new advances that can further your online presence?

Within the past five years, since the launch of the mobile web, the mobile web has surpassed desktop browsing as the number one way individuals are accessing the way. Within the past year, over 577 million web capable devices have been detected as being used to access the mobile web, that number is suppose to reach 1.7 billion by the end of next year. With the vast amount of individuals using their mobile devices to access the web, researchers have discovered that currently 90% of all live websites do not fully satisfy the needs of mobile users. This un-satisfaction of 90%, of all live websites, includes dedicated mobile sites and applications, with a rate that high, we all may be wondering if there is a solution to this problem. The solution we are looking for is known as Responsive Web Design.

Responsive web design (RWD) is a new innovative advancement in the web design world. RWD allows for only one website design, meaning we only have to maintain one website across all web capable platforms. Designing our sites with RWD will allow us to provide our target audiences with the same satisfaction and user experience they would receive from a desktop site on any web capable device. RWD is built on a flexible grid pattern that allows the site to readjust its current size to fit the screen size it is being displayed on. RWD will help lower the un-satisfaction rate of websites, from mobile users, as well as leave our target audience happy with their experience, of our website, on their mobile device.

As the future presses on, we must grasp all the tools we can, which will help us move forward with technology, and allow us to survive in this fast moving world. Responsive web design provides the best future proofing solution we can ask for at this time, so why not get a hold of it when we have the chance.