It’s no secret that storytelling has become an important marketing method to reach an audience in the most authentic way possible. Telling the brand story is critical to all aspects of a brand’s identity, including packaging design. Through contextual and visual storytelling in package design – a person can more easily make a connection with the product, building a higher level of trust and the possibility of becoming a long term brand advocate.

Expressing a clear point of view and telling the product in a story in a simplistic manner are essential elements in building a brand that people can follow. Providing this consistent experience across platforms – from digital to print – in the most concise and user-friendly language has proven the best implementation for conversion.

Because consumers have to make relatively quick decisions at the point of sale, taking a simplicity approach to packaging design allows the brand to both tell their brand story and express to the user what the use of the product is and it’s own SKU level point of view. Honoring the brand’s standards is important, however, alternate design directions can be taken for packaging to allow for visual cues that blend the right combination of color, imagery and content – all in a way that enables the customer to more easily engage with the brand and understand the product.

Whether a newly launching product or a brand in the process of a redesign, blending a combination of visual storytelling and a simplicity approach to both the design and content of packaging can greatly expand customer base and open up new market segment opportunities.