Getting Started why & how?


People in general don’t like change. We like things just the way they are. In business we always say if it’s not broken don’t fix it.  I’m sure you’re familiar with hundreds of similar themed metaphors.  At the same time any smart business is always looking for an edge or advantage to stay ahead of your competition.  When Radio & TV first appeared there was plenty of businesses that hesitated to use those mediums for various reasons.  I understand it can be scary or overwhelming for many businesses and their leaders to take on a new medium especially when they are still effective. Social media or web 2.0 as some call it, is THAT new medium.  It’s the equivalent to when print, radio and TV where 1st invented and in a strange way it’s the evolution of all past mediums.  With the power of your phone or personal computer you can effectively run your own marketing campaigns with significantly smaller budgets.  The use of social media has already been used to coordinate movements that have over thrown governments in the Middle East and Africa which have been in place for 50-100 years.  You’d have to be insane to think it’s not an effective marketing tool for your own business.


Like learning to ride a bike every social media platform has its own set of skills to master.  Not all platforms may be right for your business or brand.  It’s important to find and experienced company familiar with all web 2.0 marketing outlets and put together an effective combination or your current print, radio and TV marketing plans mixed with an effective blend of social media & online marketing.

In the beginning, things can seem over whelming but threw effective training, mentoring, and strategy development in only a few short months your company can be fully self running a majority of all your social media marketing networks.  If your company does not have the resources to have in-house employees implement your marketing  strategies via social media its important to find a reputable and experience company that has the ability to work EXRTEMELY close with your marketing company to fully implement a 360 degree online and offline marketing campaign.