I stressed in a previous blog post the creation of social media platforms are as monumental to our society as the invention of TV, Radio & print media. In that same article I also emphasized the importance to be on these platforms earlier rather than later.

With that being said the strategies you’re implementing for your social media campaigns have to be geared to the marathon and not the sprint.  Social Media marketer Gary Vaynerchuk compares many companies to 16 year boys when first entering the social media world…”they try to close to fast.”  These platforms are new and your company’s voice on them may be even newer. The goal is to build lifelong relationships with your customers and win by listening to what they want.  The companies that learn and adapt to their consumers needs will win the marathon.

The consumer is smarter and more educated than ever. Their Bullshit radar is top notch. Most people under the age of 25 don’t remember a time before social media. So take your time, be honest, authentic and smart about how you’re acting on these platforms.  Concentrate on the marathon, the sprinters will fade away and burn their bridges with their consumers while the marathon runners will build loyalty, trust and a lasting relationship with their consumers!