When creating and manifesting design with clients, it is important to emphasize a creative process that’s collaborative. Our design process is an iterative and collaborative environment that includes; implementing key strategies, providing data-driven designs that develop meaningful and cross-functional deliverables. Consistently enforcing this progress is how impactful customer interactions and experiences are created.

Design Sprint Process 

Through a uniquely collaborative approach, we work to create experiences that transform companies & empower brands. By challenging each other and our clients, we create breakthrough solutions while working collaboratively as a collective to create data-driven designs and always bring a level of innovation and passion to each project. It is important to understand the value in collaboration and how critical it is throughout creating and developing a design and web collateral. Working with a creative agency is a process that develops with collaboration with the client and internal stakeholders to build and create meaningful work to engage the user. 

Customer and User Interaction 

An authentic and frictionless experience is created when content delivery, conversion strategy, and a brand story work together. Contextual design and accessibility are the focus and user testing is one of the best solutions to have a full scope understanding of how a user interacts and navigates throughout the website. UI/UX best practices include understanding and applying this data to the design and development process. 

Content Curation 

Curating content that is directed towards the target audience and telling a story that relates and draw the user in not only helps with just conversion rates- but also SEO (search optimize engine) strategy. 

“When presenting information on your website, try to answer your users’ questions before they arise. Sequencing copy in a natural and logical order will help your site read like a conversation, which users will appreciate.”- Manifest Article

Obtaining and retaining new clients is not a not a one and done step. It is a process that begins with collaboration and ends with consistent and meaningful innovation.