In today’s day and age, when it comes to the web we mostly hear about the mobile movement, and how it has transformed the world. With this in mind, the mobile web has changed the world and it keeps changing every day as more and more technology comes out to the public. The mobile world has made such a huge impact, it has not only pushed desktop browsing out of the way as the number one web browsing platform; it has almost pushed away desktop browsing altogether. As new technology comes out, and your organization begins to move its web presence with the future, have you neglected to think about the desktop web as well?

The desktop world is also evolving and changing all the time, just like the mobile world does. Today we have an array of monitor sizes for desktop screens as small as 10 inches all the way to as big as 50 inches and larger. With the wide range of screen sizes on the market, we can assume that things will appear different from screen to screen depending on the size of the screen.  Just like with mobile, our future has proven to change how things will look on our desktop sites from one screen size to another. Many of us might start to begin to wonder how we are able to solve this problem because it was never an issue in the past.  The solution we are all looking for is known as responsive web design.

Responsive web design (RWD) is a new innovative way for designing for the web, and at many times has been promoted for the solution for the mobile web, allowing you to only maintain one site that is compatible with both desktop and mobile sites.  Responsive web design has been promoted to show how well it will scale down and readjust its self to look appropriate on a small more mobile device compared to a desktop screen size, but more and more today we are seeing desktop screen sizes grow larger. As screens grow larger RWD will readjust its self to view more appropriate on a larger screen, just like it would on a smaller screen. With the adjustments being able to go larger, as well as smaller, we will be able to cover the largest desktop screens all the way to the smallest mobile screens, and everything in between.

Just like the mobile world, the desktop world is evolving fast into the future with new technology, which we will need to acquire for our organizations. Responsive web design is an exceptional way to start future-proofing our organizations’ livelihood.