The holiday season is an exceptional time to become extremely creative with our promotional material and advertisements. This time of the year also offers our organizations an open door to push as much promotional material as we want, because many members of our target audiences are looking to achieve as many deals as they can as this point. As we grow into the holiday season, have you forgotten to produce online e-Mail promotions to present to your target audience?

e-Mail promotional marketing is a cost effective way we can advertise specifically to our target audiences, without any outside reach. Using e-Mails to promote aspects of our bands will help build awareness within our target audience, and a more welcoming target audience. If executed appropriately, we will be able to expand our target audiences and gain larger return on our investments.

Although, there are many different steps we can take, there are six simple steps that we can follow to provide successful e-Mail promotions to our target audience. Within each of these six steps we must always remember to know who our target audiences are and what they are looking for from us, to provide an outstanding e-Mail promotion together. The six steps consist of:

  1. Reflecting aspects of your brand throughout the entire promotion
  2. Do not limit the graphic design elements; make it visually appealing
  3. Use more informal language
  4. Straight forward and to the point with all content aspects of the promotion
  5. Provide some kind of offering for your target audience
  6. Don’t be afraid to be personal!

Even though the holiday season is already here, it is not too early to start thinking ahead for the 2013 holiday season, and to use the rest of the year as practice with other promotions that may come our way. If we are able to apply these six steps, along with what our target audience is looking for from us, as well as other strategies that were not mentioned above, we will be able to provide our target audiences with amazing e-mail promotion.