The world stands still with unpredictability. As a creative community, we are stuck in unprecedented times, forced to adjust to an evolving workplace dynamic and ‘roll with the punches’ so to speak. The prolonged impact of COVID-19 remains dramatic and looms large while the economy presses on, searching for answers and battling through a whirlwind of hysteria.

Pretty much every industry under the sun has been reeling from the pandemic, and the ripple effect isn’t likely to slow down for the foreseeable future. Iconic, influential global brands are strategically embracing virtual consumption, patiently adapting to the situation despite most brick-and-mortar retail locations closing doors. With more downtime to browse digital platforms, consumer sensitivity to brand messaging has heightened.

During bleak times like this, businesses of all types are looking for support. Whether you’re a start-up, non-profit, well-established corporation, or simply a community mover & shaker, there’s a need to flex creative muscles in order to nurture relevancy. With a newfound sense of urgency around non-traditional consumer engagement, creative agencies can certainly keep the wheels spinning for brands. Whether it’s freshening up web design, refining user experience (UX) tactics or optimizing search engine visibility, in the blink of an eye, cohesive digital channels have become as important as ever.

As your business acclimates to the “new normal,” think about what a creative agency can bring to the table for support.

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Adaptable Resources

Though markets, for the most part, have unraveled since the COVID-19 outbreak, the demand for creative hasn’t wavered. Particularly, Adobe is a company seeing a spike in value as the “work-from-home” mentality settles in and online learning comes to the forefront. With agency design experts possessing fluency in Adobe Creative Suite (i.e. Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, etc.), the skills needed to continue addressing design challenges are adaptable to this economic roller-coaster despite the shift in workplace dynamics. That, along with the breadth of creative resources typically supplied by an agency, paves the way for a continuation of high-caliber creative production.

Organized Project Management Practices

With “social distancing” forcing cultural separation, businesses have become more subject to communication breakdowns. Employees are scattered from a traditional in-office set-up and, as a result, it’s easy for everyday routines to get lost in the shuffle of the economic madness. Workflows become interrupted, priorities become jumbled, and there’s a tendency to feel disconnected because of the lack of face-to-face.

Through all the social distancing efforts, agencies can handle the change-of-scenery and serve as an anchor for a fluid communication process. Web- and mobile-based applications like Slack, or Asana can masterfully track deadlines and keep goals in sight, especially remote. For businesses without familiarity with these applications, agencies are champions of them and can be relied upon to re-calibrate your project management practices.

Trusted, Proven Expertise

A creative agency’s tenure or leadership in the industry is another relevant consideration in uncertain times. For businesses re-evaluating a potential need for creative extensions, an agency’s accumulation of industry recognition can offer added assurance and context on advantages/specialty services that have propelled success through the years. Perhaps this expertise may deliver a “wow” factor that resonates with a brand’s complex creative ambition. Altogether, if circumstances of vulnerability can be avoided, they should be avoided.

When trying to maintain a balanced, cohesive creative approach, lean on the communities equipped to continue driving the industry forward. A creative agency has the firepower to deliver adaptable resources, organized project management practices, and trusted expertise that’s instrumental for supporting a business’s long-term vision.

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