In order to maximize customer interaction, a business needs to have a proper company website. Corporate web design differs from personal website design in a variety of ways. A personal website or blog is there to publish content based on specific topics of interest. They don’t always have a single purpose, and they aren’t usually selling anything.

The first glaring difference is that personal website design is done to make it appealing to the owner. There is no focus on appealing to a wide or targeted customer base. Corporate web design needs to be focused toward the goal of having customers visit and stick around long enough to find out more about the business and finally to make conversions.

The trick to achieving that goal is to go with a website design that has carefully chosen colors, clear and concise writing, easy navigation and a showcase of the products and services a business offers. Using too many animated graphics, underlined text, randomly bold text and a headache-inducing color scheme is not the way to convert customers. However, it is a good way to have them leave in droves after a few second visits.

Unless they are a web design firm, most businesses don’t employ staff that is also experts in building websites. Many may employ staff that has dabbled in design, but that does not necessarily mean they know the best way to incorporate a company’s image into a company web design that engages customers.