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Choosing the best Web Design Firm for your company.

Web Design Methos and Frameworks

When choosing a web design firm for a business website and online company, there are a number of factors to consider. The quality of work is obviously important. Little else matters if the quality is not on par with expectations. However, how a firm achieves that quality is equally important. The approach to design, the process followed, and the personal investment of the designers working on a project all play a critical role in ensuring that design firms provide quality work that meets the needs of their clients.

Quality web design starts with an approach focusing on what the client needs and wants. Creating outstanding websites involves more than coding knowledge and an eye for color combinations. A web design firm must have a full understanding of company branding strategy and elements as well as what the client needs from their site in order to grow their business. Do they need specific functionality?  Thinking further in the future is equally important as creating a strong web foundation that will support expansion. Understanding the branding part, as well as the company mission, values and the allotted budget all, go into the approach and creative process before a line of code is ever written. We at ArtVersion put a lot of thought and pride ourselves in our unique web design approach that we developed and perfected throughout the years and that has been proven to work.

Web Design Process

Once the concept and goals are clearly laid out and understood by the web design team, the development of the website can begin. An initial concept for the site is created and presented to the client in the visual form. Once approved, the design can be created for use on the web. The site can and should be amended until the client has given final approval for the site design. Depending on the needs of a client and the complexity of the design, there may be regular meetings during the creative process to ensure that the project is headed in a direction that will be satisfactory to the client. Our process same as the approach is also carefully designed to meet project goals, milestones, and timelines.

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We Care about your Website Design Outcome

Some website firms will promise the world-class quality of work and instead, the opposite is what the client gets. They rarely check in with clients, create boring designs, and end up losing proposition to end clients. A firm that cares about the client and their goals will not only be priced fairly but will keep their clients informed and make the necessary changes. This is not entirely because money is being transferred for services, but because they have a genuine interest in seeing their clients succeed. Here, we focus on the client’s goals and provide the maximum amount of value. It is about the client’s wishes, not the wishes of the firm’s board of directions. At the end of the day its a win/win proposition.

Let’s make something cool together.

As mentioned many times, we have close relationships with our clients, we set mutual goals and the success of the website is taken seriously. We do not make empty promises, what we sell is the truth. The agency web design process is typically fun and engaging, we do this because we love what we do and that is reflected in our work as well. Give us a call or send us an email, let’s make something beautiful together.

User Experience Design

We design experiences

Every company has a story that makes it unique, and that story should be compelling and inspiring. Our experiential design process creates emotion and engagement between the brand and consumer through experiential design methods.

Designing with purpose

User-centered design is just a starting point. Equipped with insights from best practices to analytics, our solutions are strategic and based on research and discovery. Driven by both skill and magic, the result is a cohesive product that spans both print and digital.

User Experience Design