Corporate Web Design

When it comes to corporate web design, you need to be able to connect with your audience and create clearly defined user journeys, authentically true to your brand.

Your Audience

A corporate website serves many functions from educating your customers, drawing in investors, and attracting business partnerships. This is why you want to be able to come up with a design that covers all grounds and especially why ArtVersion shines when it comes to corporate design.

Expertise Is Branding

Aside from being a web design firm, we excel in branding campaigns and have helped numerous businesses launch a brand, rebrand their company or update their brand to new media channels. Branding is a big part of a corporate website and needs to be strongly integrated into corporate web design. We do this using many different strategies with the main component being storytelling.

The True Value of Storytelling

One of the most common problems of corporate websites is the stereotypical cold, boring and egotistical presentation. The focus is on the company and it hardly makes an attempt in engaging the visitor. Storytelling is often a better approach because it invites the visitor to learn more about the company. It’s all about making a connection with the person rather than pushing an agenda. That’s why we use storytelling through content, design, and multimedia to engage and invite interest.

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Platform Agnostic

It doesn’t matter which platform your website was built on. We know how to work with all the major content development platforms: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento. The focus of the design will also be on originality and creativity. Every company is different, so it wouldn’t make sense to use templates or everyday formats to design your site.

Corporate Web Design – Make it Culture Focused

Make your corporate design count. ArtVersion has worked with Fortune 500 websites so we understand how to put your brand into the forefront of your site’s design while connecting with your audience. We invite you to look at all the previous work we’ve done for our clients to get a better idea of what we can do, then give us a call to get started.

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Design That Represents Your Brand

We understand how important your corporate culture is and how it affects your positioning and operations. We believe that your website’s design should be a reflection of your brand in aesthetics and in function truly and entirely.

Are you looking to promote your site to the search engines? The first step in SEO success is making sure your site is properly built and designed to be SEO friendly. Our design process takes SEO into heavy consideration so that your SEO efforts won’t be for anything. Even if you’re not planning on building an SEO campaign, you can take comfort knowing that your site is prepared when the time comes. We are a forward-thinking Chicago web design company, our designs can help strengthen your brand and optimize your online performance. We understand the importance of your online presence & website design.

That’s why we focus on making sure that your visitors can quickly identify with your brand on your site. This allows your company to deliver a consistent and cohesive message through multiple media channels.

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