Your Brand, UI/UX and Responsive Web Design

Two co-workers working together on brand identity.

The aspects and elements offered by our current brands that reflect on to our online presence are extremely important features we offer to our current and growing target audiences. When it comes to designing elements for the web, we must always remember to keep in mind the user experience and our mobile attendance. As we look at our brands and our online livelihood, have any of us neglected to provide the right elements that will allow our user experiences to be exactly the same across all web capable platforms?

Our current brand attributions, within the internet, have become our leading key elements of expanding our target audiences across the globe. As we review our online attendance, many of us may start to find an inconsistency within the user experience across web capable platforms. When the mobile boom hit, dedicated mobile sites started being produced like no other, to help build a mobile presences for our organizations, these dedicated mobile sites forced many of us to start maintaining more than one site, and our current user interface designs, which have present proven, amazing user experience, had to be changed on the our dedicated mobile sites. As many of our brands continue to grow with technology, so have our target audiences, and now today the mobile web platform has surpassed the desktop web as the number one used web capable platform.  Although mobile has become the number one used mobile platform, 90% of websites are leaving mobile uses unsatisfied with their user experience, on the mobile web. With mobile users being unsatisfied, with our dedicated mobile sites user interface, we may find ourselves wonder what the next solution will be to fix this problem. The solution is Responsive Web Design.

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is an innovative way for the designing for the web, which changes how we view websites across web capable platforms. RWD is fairly new to the web design world, the concepts behind RWD may have been around for quite some time now, but has only been introduce to the public for a little bit over a year. With RWD, many of us will be able to get rid of those extra annoying dedicated mobile sites, and just maintain one website; this is because RWD is built on a flexible grid pattern that will adjust its appearance to be view appropriately on any screen size, it is being displayed on. This concept will help get rid of the unsatisfied mobile users, because it will keep the same user interface, from your main desktop site, across all mobile platforms, allowing our target audiences to keep their same user experience where ever they may roam.

The concept of having a brand for your organizations comes from the idea of giving your organization its own personal identity, this idea of having a brand has grown and evolved over time with many different factors, including technology. Our organizations need to start future proofing our brands, by knowing what our target audiences are going to want before they even know it, this can be possible by taking a few of the steps that our already in our reach, such as Responsive Web Design.